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Download the entire Sidewalk Bubblegum collection in a handy PDF file. The comics are 300 dpi print quality so they’re great for printing out or for publication. However, you need permission to publish any of my strips so ask first. I have a sliding scale for reprint rights from free to “how much you got?” depending on your circumstances. Of course, if you are not making money from it (literally no money, as in free distribution and no ad revenue) you are welcome to post small samples of my work on your website, use it in a digital art or a video project, or use it as an avatar. No permission or payment is needed so have fun. All I ask  in return is a link back or a credit byline.

You can read the entire 1993-2001 Sidewalk Bubblegum  collection in three formats:

Buy the Kindle Version at Amazon (Only $1.99)

Download eBook in PRC Format (14mb -Works on most ebook readers)

Download Print Quality PDF File (10.5 mb – Great for printing and may import into ebook reader)


Clay Butler


Discussion (5)¬

  1. Sam says:

    Wow.. Thanks for the comic.

  2. Antonio says:

    Good job, I agree and I enjoyed you insightful views.
    Keep up the good work…

  3. sanat says:

    This is sexually explicit content

  4. Izy says:

    Your insight into the problems and observation skills are amazing. I especially like on your work that you do not hide under blanket and go right into the point. I will share your comic as possible as I’m able to. Thanks for the illustrations.

  5. Santos says:

    very good!

    cartoonists of all countries, unite!

    from Brazil.


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