FREE Comic Font

Back in 2000 I got so tired of hand lettering my strip that I decided to convert my hand lettering into a Sidewalk Bubblegum font family.

Sidewalk Bubblegum Comic Font Sample

Download the Sidewalk Bubblegum Comic Strip Font Collection


  • Includes upper and lower case (bigger and smaller really because the whole font is upper case) and numbers 0-9
  • Also includes $ @ ! ‘ -,?. ยข
  • To do “quotes” use the < > keys
  • To do “…” use the semicolon key
  • To do a copyright symbol use the # key

If anyone wants to complete the font family or improve the kerning be my guest but please send me the improved version so I can post it on my site for everyone to use.

Discussion (2)¬

  1. jazz says:

    Actually it’s cute and unique. It looks like it’s printed on a careless manner.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for these fonts, it makes my job a whole lot easier, and more fun.


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