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Cartoons are no longer sidelined to the comics page of your local paper. Cartoon inspired art has become culturally and economically ubiquitous. Peruse the list of top box office movies, top television shows or visit any toy store and you can’t help but notice how far reaching comics influence has become. So why not leverage the public acceptance of the comic medium by incorporating them into your own marketing materials?

Comic art can be used as simple illustrative points in an otherwise dull PowerPoint presentation, to add punch to your print advertising, or even be integrated into your brand identity. Cartoon imagery is friendly and inviting so people can’t help but be drawn to it. This makes comic illustrations a useful bridge between your audience and subject matter that may be overly serious, technical or dry.

So what are you waiting for? Call me at 831-566-3046 or email me and find out whats a seasoned, commercial friendly professional cartoonist can do for your business’s bottom line.

example of a cartoon style illustration being used in advertising and branding

But I do more than just make cool cartoons. My real job is enhancing and defining a company’s brand. Basically, I give businesses a fighting chance in the marketplace by injecting life into a stale brand or building a new one from scratch. That means I work with a lot of young aggressive companies. Most of the time directly with the founder or CEO. If this is you, you may want to check out my portfolio. I’m pretty darn good with product package design the leaps off the shelf, easy to use website designs that won’t aggravate your customers, clever and time-tested SEO techniques so you’ll get found in Google, designing print ads that kick your competitors in the arse, and for those that need it, effective storyboard design for any and all occasions.

My philosophy is simple: good design is design which makes your clients money. Let me help you get rich.

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  1. I need to redo this cartoon on my website at http://www.cottagemonkey.com
    I am trying the create a cartoon character, a monkey called The Cottage Monkey.
    I need the monkey by himself and also him in many different scenes. He needs to be funny and people need to love him.
    The first of which is already on my website, but I don’t like.
    Tell me what you think the problem is and how it will cost to do  a new one.
    I will be using the monkey in many other scenes over time.


  2. Ben Smith says:

    Is it possible that you might have someone that can put together a caricature piece for me? I work for UNLV Athletics and I really want to get something done that displays our starting five players for the basketball team.


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